Skydiver found dead in California

By Laura Hundemer,

A missing skydiver was found dead Sunday afternoon in Jamul, Calif. after a search and rescue effort. It is believed that a mid-air collision caused his untimely death.

According to CBS 8 San Diego, Buzz Fink, the owner of Skydive San Diego, said it is believed that the skydiver collided with his jump partner’s knee or leg, which injured him and possibly caused him to lose consciousness.

Fink said the skydiver never opened his parachute. The other jumper involved in the incident was not injured and landed safely in the drop zone.

The victim was an experienced skydiver. Skydive San Diego performs countless jumps a year, but there is always a risk when attempting a dive. According to NBC San Diego, Fink said, "We do well over 100,000 jumps a year, and we pride ourselves on our safety and everything we do as far as our equipment, our airplane. However, it is skydiving and things can happen and generally you do everything we can to prevent it."



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