Sony bets it all on ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ franchise

By Chelsea Lewis ,

When it comes to studios that are making comic book feature films, the race is really on for second place. When Marvel Comics combined forces with Disney they without a doubt took over the top spot in this competition, leaving Sony and DC Comics in the box office dust. Now the race is on for second place.

With Man of Steel 2 delayed an entire year and the casting announcements not going over well with fans, doubts are starting to enter into the mind of DC fans if the film that they have been waiting so long for will be able to live up to their hopes and dreams. While DC is focusing on expanding their cinematic universe, Sony is going in a different direction and focusing on one character and the universe surrounding that storyline.

For Sony, The Amazing Spider Man, which is a reboot of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man, is an "all in" bet. The chips have been placed on the table and now the studio cannot go back.

When it comes to comic book rights and who owns whom, it is a very complicated game. Sony for instance, owns the complete rights to Spider-Man and the villains that go along with that universe, so instead of trying to bring in other characters they are focusing on the world of Spider-Man and going in a new direction by creating villain spin off films. This will all be leading to the Sinister Six feature, which will include a variety of well-known comic book villains.

For Sony, this is a wise move. It has been proven at the box office that fans love the story of Spider-Man. It might be because audience members see themselves in Peter Parker and wonder what it would be like to one day have super powers that change the world. Even Stan Lee, the creator of Spider-Man, said that this character was his favorite to write because he saw himself in Peter Parker. Sony is going with what the fans love and giving them more and more. The only potential downside is that if fans grow tired of the storyline, this is all Sony has to work with when it comes to expanding their own universe but with Andrew Garfield winning over the hearts of fans everywhere, it is likely that this all in bet will pay off big for Sony.

It is March after all. Could it be possible to see Sony, a number five or six seed, upset a no. 1 like Marvel? The worlds of comic books have shown that anything can happen including the supernatural and the impossible.

Will you be seeing The Amazing Spider Man 2? Comment below and add what comic book movie you are looking forward to this summer.

Watch the trailer for The Amazing Spider Man 2 here:

Watch the final trailer for The Amazing Spider Man 2 here:

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