South Carolina woman who hid 14 children in her basement arrested

By Victoria Greene,

The secrets of a South Carolina woman, who was arrested last week after an unresponsive child was found in her home, continue to be revealed.

On February 21, authorities were called to the home of Pamela Clark Wood, 49, to check on an unresponsive 3-month-old baby. The child later passed away.

According to The Daily Mail, when police arrived it was abundantly clear that Wood, who was operating a daycare facility, was in violation of her registration guidelines and that the house was unsafe for children.

Wood was reportedly registered to have a maximum of six children in her home and told the authorities that only six children were present. However, when the police checked the residence, they found Wood’s 16-year-old daughter hiding in the basement with 14 children.

Alcoholic beverages and cleaning products were found in an unlocked cabinet beneath the kitchen sink and two children were found unsupervised in a room where a gun was present and in plain view.

Wood refused to cooperate with authorities when questioned about the state of her home and this isn’t the first time she’s been in trouble.

According to News 2, Wood was reported six years ago for the same violation.

Parents are in shock and disbelief over the incident.

“We did the whole background check, the DSS check and all those turned cleared out,” Gary Blackburn, whose son attended Wood’s daycare for over four years, told WYFF News 4.

Wood has been charged with child neglect, violation of day care licensing, and obstruction of justice.

She was not charged in connection with the death of the 3-month-old baby. The coroner is determining whether unsafe sleeping conditions caused the death.

Wood’s daycare will remain closed until May.



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