Stalker of Donald Trump's ex-wife sentenced to prison time

By Victoria Greene,

The former publicist of one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives has been sentenced to prison time for sending her threatening emails.

According to The New York Daily News on February 7, Chuck Jones, 71, pled guilty to aggravated harassment and weapons charges. Today he was sentenced to 60 days in prison.

Jones was Marla Maples’ publicist in the early 1990’s and weathered the storm that came her way when Maples began a public affair with then-married Donald Trump before her own marriage to the millionaire mogul.

In 1992 Jones was arrested for stealing 70 pairs of Maples’ shoes and hiding them in his office. According to The New York Post, Jones admitted to having a ‘sexual relationship’ with the shoes he stole and was convicted in 1994. He was sent back to jail in 1999 following a retrial.

When Jones was released from prison, he began filing baseless lawsuits against Maples and was ordered to stop doing so.

The latest bust comes from 2012, during which time Jones had a stun gun in his possession. He also sent Maples multiple threatening, bizarre emails.

“I hope your Easter basket catches fire and burns your house to the ground…Now shove an egg in your slimy mouth and choke. I hope you choke on an Easter bunny,” he wrote in one.

Jones must attend counseling during his five years of probation in accordance with his plea deal and he has been ordered to have no communication with Marla Maples or her daughter, Tiffany Trump.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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