Students create Twitter challenge to rate high school girls through bracket rankings

By Morgan Cox,

Authorities are investigating a Twitter account that created a competition for the best looking girls at Shaker High in Albany, N.Y. The Twitter account, @SHSBracketology, selected four girls from each grade at the high school and ranked their classmates by their looks.

"May the best girl win," the Twitter account read.

Although the account was deactivated within 24 hours, it still upset many of the girls who were featured on the brackets.

"It didn't make me feel good. I would be walking down the halls and there were these groups of guys clapping at me. I though they were better than this. I was embarrassed," said Kara Crodelle, a student featured in the challenge.

According to Fox 23, school officials plan to use the social media footprint to track down and find out who was behind the creation of the Twitter account as well as the bracket challenge.

“We’ve spoken with all the students,” Principal Jan Zadoorian said. “Any female students that were named, we’re reaching out to their parents. Some of the students forward this information; they retweet it.”

ABC News noted that school officials plan to treat the account and the incident as cyber bullying, but the police will not be placing any criminal charges.

School officials are very disappointed in the students and plan to educate the high schoolers about the impact of what they post on social media.

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