Supreme Court declines to rule on Penn., Texas towns' illegal immigration appeals

By Kyle Johnson,

The Supreme Court announced that it would not listen to a Pennsylvania town's appeal of a lower court ruling that struck down an illegal immigration bill, or a similar one in Texas.

One law had been put into place which made it illegal for undocumented workers to rent or be employed in the city of Hazelton, Pa., reports The Washington Times.

The 8th Circuit appeals court struck it down, but a similar law in the town of Fremont, Neb. was allowed to stand after a different appeals court ruled in favor of their ordinance.

Penn. Rep. Lou Barletta said, "Simply put, if Hazelton were in Nebraska instead of Pennsylvania, the city would be able to enforce its law. But for the unfortunate fact of geography, the law of the land in the Midwest is deemed unconstitutional in Pennsylvania."

That isn't the only town affected by the Supreme Court's refusal to rule. According to PBS, the town of Farmers Branch in Texas had a similar ordinance put into place, but was challenged by several employers, landlords and others and it was overturned.

The appeals courts felt the laws went against federal law, which puts the government in charge of enforcing immigration.



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