Supreme Courts denies date approval for a Mississppi woman's execution

By Rebecca Walezak,

The Mississippi Supreme Court denied a motion Thursday to set a date for Michelle Byrom’s execution.

Byrom, 57, was convicted of the murder of her husband after the court determined that she was the one who plotted the 1999 event. Her son, Edward Byrom Jr., has been alleged to be the one to commit the murder, reports CNN.

The Mississippi Supreme Court makes the last decision in regards to execution dates and, at this time, have not issued one for Michelle Byrom.

According to the Clarion Ledger, there are multiple motions that are currently pending in regards to this case that still need to be reviewed. Byrom has asked the court to review several documents that had initially been excluded from her case, including letters from her son confessing to the murder.

If Byrom’s motion pushes through, it could instigate a new trial for her. If she is put to death, Byrom will be the first executed woman in Mississippi in over 60 years.



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