Swarm of killer bees sting California woman over 1,000 times

By Michelle Kapusta,

A swarm of killer bees stung an elderly California woman over 1,000 times on Thursday afternoon.

According to the New York Daily News, the 71-year-old woman was covered with the hybrid insects, known as Africanized honey bees, when emergency workers arrived to the scene.

The woman was severely injured and taken to an area hospital.

Five firefighters were also injured as they tried to remove the menacing bees.

Authorities needed to call a local company to clear out about 75,000 bees that made a hive in a Verizon cable box.

The Desert Sun has noted that officials are now warning people in the Coachella Valley area to be careful when encountering bees.

Africanized honey bees are varieties of the Western honey bee species, thought to be produced by cross-breeding the African honey bee with various European honey bees, such as the Italian bee and the Iberian bee. The hybrid bees are far more defensive than any of the various European subspecies.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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