Swedish teens fined for kidnapping classmate, stripping in front of her

By Victoria Greene,

Two high school students in Sweden have been fined after tying up a classmate and stripping in front of her.

A 19-year-old student and a 17-year-old student from Vänersborg tied a classmate to a chair and stripped in front of her. While the bound student initially did not mind, she protested when she realized she could not escape, according to the New York Daily News.

The boys did not release her and the 19-year-old reportedly stripped down to his underwear, while moving his hips in a sexual manner. At the end of his performance, he pulled down his underwear and exposed his backside to her.

During this incident, a third student was present and taped the entire encounter before posting it online, according to The Local.

The students were found guilty of unlawfully detaining another person and sexual harassment. Both were fined. The student who filmed the event was allowed to walk free as he did not intend to mock or ridicule the female student, which meant he could not be found guilty of slander.



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