Taliban strikes Roots of Peace charity in Kabul

By Alicia Mayle,

A young girl and driver were killed in a crossfire between Taliban gunmen and Afghan forces, after militants of the terrorist group rushed into an American charity Roots of Peace, and a day care center on Friday in Kabul. Women and children rushed out of the building, some taking refuge on the streets.

Some believe that the Taliban is sending a message to the United States after the U.S. government tried to pressure the Afghan government to sign a security agreement, which would allow thousands of troops to stay after the NATO combat mission ends, according to The Associated Press.

The Taliban said that it had attacked the Roots of Peace guest house because it was used by foreigners as a “church used to convert Afghans,” according to The Washington Post.

Roots of Peace was founded in 1997 after the death of Princess Diana.

One Afghan girl, a driver, and two other Afghans were killed in the attack by the Taliban.



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