Taylor Swift distancing herself from best friend Selena Gomez, disapproves of her getting back together with Justin Bieber (Report)

By Gina DiFalco,

Taylor Swift is reportedly so unhappy about her best friend, Selena Gomez, reuniting with Justin Bieber that she’s distancing herself from her to make it known.

During last year’s Billboard Music Awards, Swift made her distaste for Bieber known when she was seen mocking him backstage.

According to Us Weekly, she hasn’t spoken to the “Come & Get It” singer since she rekindled her romance with Bieber this past week in Texas.

However, that isn’t the only reason she’s upset with Gomez. She reportedly thinks Gomez “used” her friend Ed Sheeran to make Bieber jealous.

A source said, "After Selena pulled that move, Taylor started distancing herself.”

Back in July, Swift let her fans know just how close she was with Gomez when she tweeted she’s “the closest thing I've ever had to a sister.”

Gomez and Bieber have been spending a lot more time together than they have in the past months, even kissing and cuddling during a breakfast date in Texas. She accompanied him to his performance at SXSW and they even recorded a sexy choreographed dance together.

image courtesy of CBS



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