Taylor Swift gets a restraining order on man claiming to be husband

By Julianne Mosher,

A man who claims to be Taylor Swift’s husband has recently been told to stay away from the 24-year-old star.

According to TMZ, 33-year-old Timothy Sweet has been harassing the singer since January 2011.

However, things got serious when Sweet began to threaten the lives of her family and, oddly enough, secretary John Kerry.

“Dearest Taylor, I’ll kill any man who gets in the way of our marriage. Message to John Kerry, Secretary of State. Message from YOUR Presidential Candidate,” he wrote.

E! News reports that the restraining order was obtained on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The Red singer’s request said that a 6-foot, 200-pound man was harassing her via phone, letters and social media, including Twitter, claiming to be her husband.

Sweet wrote on Twitter that the pair lived in Beverly Hills together.

Swift specifically asked the court that he is to stay away from her mother, father and brother as well as the guitar-playing songstress.

The restraining order will only last until March 25 when a new hearing will be conducted and will determine whether or not the time should be extended.

image: By Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia (Taylor SwiftUploaded by russavia) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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