Teacher forced to quit job after taking her student to the ER and paying for medical expenses

By Morgan Cox,

A Red Bank, Tennessee teacher claims she was "forced" to quit her job after taking a student to the hospital and paying for her medical treatment.

Jennifer Mitts has been a teacher at Red Bank High School in Hamilton County for 14 years. When school officials found out she took one of her students to the emergency room and paid her medical bills, they then persuaded her to write a letter of resignation. According to WTVC, this isn't the first time Mitts has paid for a student's medical bills. The school officials have already asked her to not do this when dealing with previous experiences.

The Red Bank High School claims Mitts is not telling a completely accurate story. Apparently, she has already received three written reprimands, two oral reprimands, and a five day suspension in the past. The school board also claims they did not force Mitts to resign, but only told her she faced a suspension for her gesture.

The student body and residents of Red Bank seem to be siding with the teacher. Many are showing sympathy towards Ms. Mitts and the incident with the high school.

“Honestly if it was my child and we couldn't afford it out of pocket, I hope there would be somebody that would do that for us," says Parent Ashley Gonzales

Yahoo! News notes that a petition to reinstate Mitts has already received 400 signatures.



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