Teddy Bridgewater's stock might be falling ahead of draft after poor pro day showing

By Kyle Johnson,

Teddy Bridgewater's draft stock might be falling after he had a weak showing on Monday at Louisville's pro day.

During the university's pro day, Bridgewater threw passes with 29 scouts watching and many were off their mark and few were spirals, reports USA Today. "I can't sugar coat it," ESPN's Ron Jaworski said. "He was inconsistent."

Jaworski noted that a quarterback usually doesn't have balls hit the field and wondered about the young quarterback's accuracy. Bridgewater hopes to be picked first at the NFL draft, but NFL Network's Kurt Warner was similarly unimpressed and said it was an "OK" pro day.

CBS Sports also notes that though teams should be queuing up to draft Bridgewater because of his successful college career and great off the field image, some are worried he is too light.

Though Bridgewater is 6-2, which is still on the short side for a quarterback, he only weighs 204 pounds, though claims he will be up to around 220 when it's time for training camp.

Bridgewater also maintains that he is thin right now due to jaw surgery and just hasn't returned to his 222-pound weight when he was a sophomore yet.

Though he struggled throwing the ball for most of the pro day, he did show some promise when throwing the ball in the red-zone and threw some great deep passes.

image: By Craigbezzle (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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