Teen arrested after emailing list of students he planned to kill

By Michelle Kapusta,

A 16-year-old at a Santa Ana, Calif. high school was arrested after he allegedly emailed his ex-girlfriend a list of people he planned to kill.

According to the New York Daily News, authorities have said that the teen emailed his ex-girlfriend a list of more than 10 students whom he intended to shoot in a massacre at his school.

The sophomore, who attended the NOVA Academy charter school, indicated in the email that he was “tired of being bullied,” something that he claimed started in middle school.

Police were alerted about the suspected death threats on Monday night after the girl went to school officials with the disturbing information.

KTLA reported that the boy was taken into custody and placed in juvenile hall.

When police questioned the teen they said that he did not deny that he compiled the “hit list.” He admitted that he wanted his schoolmates dead for their actions against him and that he had every intention of carrying out his “mission.”



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