Tennessee man charged with cooking meth in McDonald's parking lot

By Michelle Kapusta,

Police in Murfreesboro, Tenn. said that they arrested a pantless man who was allegedly cooking a meth lab in his car in a McDonald’s parking lot.

According to The Tennessean, Officer Randell Gaines discovered the meth lab and a partially nude Tracy M. Strawn during a routine check on Saturday morning.

Gaines said that Strawn was asleep in his car in the fast-food restaurant parking lot and that when he knocked on the window to wake him up, he noticed that the man was pantless.

The paper also reported that Gaines first arrested the 39-year-old for indecent exposure, but one question and a search of his vehicle warranted even more.

“Before I did my inventory, I asked Mr. Strawn if there was anything in the vehicle that I needed to worry about doing me bodily harm,” the officer said.

Strawn apparently then came right out and told him, “There might be a meth lab in my car.”

That’s exactly what Gaines said he found, along with evidence that showed intent to distribute.

Strawn faces multiple charges as the State of Tennessee breaks manufacturing and distribution into two separate charges.



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