Texas executes man for 2003 murder of delivery woman

By Kyle Johnson,

Texas executed a man on Thursday who was convicted of murdering a delivery woman with a bat back in 2003.

Anthony Doyle was found guilty of killing Hyun Cho with a baseball bat when she came to deliver some food to his family's house, reports Reuters. After he killed her, he disposed of her body in a trash can and stole her car.

According to The Associated Press, the 29-year-old opted to not make a final statement. Twenty-five minutes after being given the pentobarbital he was pronounced dead.

A last chance attempt to stay the execution was denied. Doyle's attorney claimed that he should have been given a new sentence because jurors received false evidence during the 2004 trial relating to whether or not he could be rehabilitated.

While other states might be dealing with the controversy of having to find new drugs for lethal injection, Texas was able to snag more of the sedative drug in March, but declined to say from where.

The European manufacturer has since stopped providing the drug to U.S. prisons as it doesn't like how its drug was being used.

Alabama recently ran out, postponing 16 executions, and Oklahoma's two scheduled for March are delayed over the lack of drugs.

A Texas judge ordered the state to reveal where it obtained the pentobarbital, but the attorney general's office said they will be filing an appeal.



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