Three Florida women charged with child abuse after forcing a teen to strip and beating her in public

By Victoria Greene,

Three women in Florida have been arrested for severely beating a minor after she was suspended from school.

Ishiyah McGhee, 30, Moriyah McGhee, 32, and Janine McGhee, 39, were arrested Friday after a passerby witnessed them chasing the 14-year-old victim outside of their home, according to The New York Daily News.

When police arrived, the women were still holding belts and breathing heavily.

The violence began Friday morning after the women were called to the teen’s school to discuss her suspension.

According to The Daily Mail, the three women were beating the girl in the parking lot as they walked to their car. They shoved her against cars, slapped her, and used her necklace to choke her.

When they returned to their home, the victim attempted to run away, but she was eventually dragged back, on the ground, by her sweatshirt while the hood choked her.

Things continued to escalate and Janine McGhee allegedly demanded to fight the girl before they removed her clothes. The women beat, punched and kicked the girl until police arrived.

The women have made waves with their jovial mugshots, Moriyah McGhee and Ishiyah McGhee wearing large grins, while Janine McGhee smirked.

The relation of the victim to the three women is currently unknown.

All of the women have been charged with child abuse with intent to do bodily harm.



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