Three Lebanese soldiers dead, four wounded in suicide bomber attack

By Alicia Mayle,

After a terrorist attack occurred on the town of Arsal at an army checkpoint, three Lebanese soldiers were killed and four were wounded Saturday evening.

A suicide bomber, who was driving a black Kia, detonated the booby-trapped car with himself in it at the checkpoint, according to Al-Manar.

Hezbollah, a group who supports the Syrian government, condemned the attack saying that, “This [attack] proves that terrorism is, beyond any doubt, the enemy of all, without exception,” according to CNN.

Aid was sent to the explosion to transport the wounded and to gather the bodies of those who died.

The Syrian army police are called upon to conduct the investigation for the attack and to find the attackers. However, one group has already claimed responsibility. Free Sunni Brigade in Baalbek took to Twitter in order to claim themselves as responsible for the attack.

Hezbollah is a well-known militant group who is fighting against Syrian Dictator Bashar Assad. It has been named as a terrorist group by the United States.



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