Three Venezuelan generals accused of coup plot, arrested

By Kyle Johnson,

Three Venezuelan air force generals were arrested late Monday night on suspicion of plotting a coup, the country's president said.

President Nicolas Maduro spoke on VTV and said the three generals were arrested after their coup plot came to light, reports CNN. The three men "were trying to turn the air force against the legitimately constituted government."

According to NBC News, the three unnamed generals were arrested with some help by some in the Venezuelan air force.

The announcement of the arrest and the subsequent overthrow plot comes as Venezuela continues to struggle with protests that have turned violent, with 36 killed over the past weeks. Opposition leader Henrique Capriles Radonski says that the escalating violence is the fault of Maduro, who seems largely unmoved by the violent response from the government.

Radonski tweeted, "Nicolas threw gas on the fire. He and he alone will be responsible for how the situation develops."

The Venezuelan president met with Union of South American Nations just before talking to VTV in an effort to come up with a way to handle the violence and unrest plaguing the country.



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