T.I.’s wife Tiny sets the rumors straight about the couple splitting up

By Elaine Alluin ,

Rumors have been circulating about rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris, saying the couple are calling it quits.

E! Online reports that Tiny set the rumors straight on the Wendy Williams Show.

Williams asked Tiny if the couple was having problems at home.

“We had a couple fights and we were arguing," said Tiny. “We argue all the time, though. We had this one big fallout about the Grammys. It just lingered on and it got bigger and...We're still together, there's no divorce. We're normal. We go through the same thing that every marriage goes through."

Williams went on point out that Tiny wasn’t wearing her wedding ring, and asked her why her finger was bare.

Tiny revealed that she hasn’t been wearing her ring because her finger is “swollen.” She proceeded to point at her ring finger to emphasize its injury. Williams wasn’t convinced with Tiny’s explanation.

"I don't see it—but I go along with it," said Williams.

Tiny responded with, "I'm telling you, for real, for real. It's a big rock, I would like to wear it. You know, regardless."

MTV reports that T.I. will be joining Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart in the film Get Hard.

About his involvement in the film, T.I. told RapFix Live, "All I'ma say is, it's gonna be a motion picture, it's gonna be a theatrical-worthy title. Something that will definitely seem instant classic. I'm thinking [a title] like Trap Champion, Paperwork, but whatever it is the subtitle will be 'The Motion Picture.' "

The couple's show, T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, which also features their six kids, will come back for the fourth season on March 31 on VH1.

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