TLC gives 'Kate Plus 8' a one-hour special

By Marie Blake,

TLC has ordered a one-hour special of Kate Plus 8 to air in June.

The Wrap reports that the special will give a behind the scenes look and an update on the lives of Kate Gosselin and her eight kids since their show has gone off the air.

The special will show Kate's business and personal life, as well as follow their family life after their time spent on television, including the twins' painful interview with Today.

The twins, Cara and Mady, are 13 years old, and the sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel will be 10 years old.

Jon & Kate Plus 8, the show's title before Kate and Jon's separation, was the most watched program on TLC, and ended its run in 2011 after 7 seasons.

People reports that the special will also show the different interests each of the kids enjoy, as well as give a look back on some of their favorite moments.

Earlier this year, Cara and Mady had an interview with People Magazine, and they explained that their lives are not as messed up as everyone would expect it to be despite being raised on television.

"People think we're supposed to be messed up, like, 'Oooooh, the poor Gosselin kids, they're going to be scarred for life, waaaaah,' Mady said. "Here's the big news, we're not messed up."

Image: NBC



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