Toddler rescued after falling from three story building

By Morgan Cox,

A California toddler's life was saved by a couple moving into their new home when they spotted the toddler dangling from a three story building.

The couple, Jennifer and Konrad Lighter, noticed the 3-year-old dangling by a cord and knew there was no way he could crawl back into the window. According to Reuters, they immediately called emergency responders and did all they knew to do. The couple placed the box spring mattress they were moving into their new home as best as they could position it and waited for the boy to drop.

"It didn't seem real until he was kind of hanging from that cord, because you know there's no way he's going to get back in the window, it's kind of now up to Konrad to catch him," Jennifer Lighter said.

"I kind of grabbed him and lowered him real fast to the box spring," Konrad Lighter explained.

Inside Edition noted that the three-year-old, who is autistic, is not hurt and very lucky to be alive.

"There's just nothing I could give them to repay for saving my little boy," the toddler's mom said.



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