Top 10 covers of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

By Chelsea Lewis ,

It is hard to forget the first moment when a movie fan saw Dorothy enter into the land of Oz and the picture turned from black and white to color. Everyone has a favorite memory from the Wizard of Oz but the soundtrack has also become infamous and is still powerful in music today.

It is not often that a song can stand the test of time but the featured song in The Wizard of Oz has gone on and is in the heart of many movie fans ranging in ages from young to old. The lyrics have a special place in the hearts of everyone who can remember gathering around to watch the now iconic and classic film. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” will live in musical history forever.

The Academy Awards recently honored the 75th anniversary of the classic film and P!nk provided a heartfelt and powerful performance of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” In honor of the Wizard of Oz and “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” TheCelebrityCafe.com is counting down the top ten covers of the classic tune. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite cover of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”

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