Top 10 Dystopian Films

By Holly R. Bogardus,

Most people know what a utopia is. A utopia is a society or world that is perfect, in which no societal problems exist and everyone is happy. However, in almost all works, be it literature or film, a true utopia is not achievable. In each instance there is always one key component at minimal that deteriorates the utopia. These societies then become a dystopia. Often these issues are related to dehumanization, population control, totalitarian governments, and other such major societal declines. The recent success of The Hunger Games franchise is introducing a younger generation to the ideas posed by dystopian works. Lois Lowry’s popular 1993 novel The Giver is also set to be turned into an upcoming film. The aim and purpose of such works is to help people reflect on important sociologic, ethical, and philosophical issues, and help prevent such futures from happening. Often these novels and films take place after some manmade environmental disaster.

With dystopian films on the rise, we thought it only appropriate to look back at works of the past, and compile a list of our favorite top 10 dystopian films.

Did your favorite not make the list? Have any thoughts on the topic? Let us know in the comments below!

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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