Top 10 Earmuffs for Earmuff Day

By Patricia Streeter,

Today is a special day, because a wonderful winter accessory was invented. On March 13, 1873, the world was given earmuffs.

This invention is not appreciated by everyone. Warmer climates do not require these toasty muffs. In some parts of the world, the winter months are cold and rainy. As a result, this invention can only be appreciated in the northern hemisphere, as well as the North and South Poles.

Before earmuffs, most people wore scarves to protect themselves from ear infections and frost bite. Today, earmuffs come in all shapes and sizes. They have also inspired other forms of ear protection.

There is only one way to celebrate this holiday, which marks the 141st anniversary of the ear muffs. Grab a pair of earmuffs, put them on and enjoy your day. Don’t have any? See if one of these Top 10 Earmuffs screams you!

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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