Top 10 Films Featuring New York City

By Gina Santopietro,

New York is the best city there is, in my opinion, but maybe I’m biased. People flock to New York to fall in love, to make their dreams come true, and to make a name for themselves or their families. New York is full of history and memories that lasts a lifetime. The museums, libraries, and churches that landmark so many corners are beautiful structures that leave one in awe. This is why directors and producers fill the streets each year to film so many amazing movies. Tons of films are recorded in this beautiful city every year, but not all of them are great. Have you ever seen any of these movies, daydreaming of what it would be like to be one of these characters? We have compiled a list of the movies that have stood the test of time, and although there are so many more, here's TheCelebrityCafe.com's top 10 movies featuring New York City!

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