Top 10 Funniest moments of the Oscars

By Brady Kirkland,

It’s no question that when the world’s most talented film stars come together for their big night at the Oscars, we are bound to be in for some fun. From the hilarious hosts, to the spontaneous speeches, to the candid moments on the red carpet, the Oscars provide us with plenty of opportunities to have a good laugh.

This year, popular talk show host Ellen DeGeneres returned for her second time as host and lit up the stage and left us in stitches. From the very first line of her opening monologue, to her final joke about a never-ending award show, Ellen had us laughing all through the evening.

But Ellen’s not the only one who made us laugh. We had photobombs, silly goof ups, plenty of dancing, and more. Whether they were on or off the red carpet, the Hollywood stars never lost their charm.

This is our list for the Top 10 funniest moments of the Oscars.

image courtesy of ABC



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