Top 10 Moments from 'Grey's Anatomy' episode 'You Got to Hide Your Love Away'

By Joy Perrone,

Grey’s Anatomy is back with the 14th episode of season 10, and it was a night to remember! As the title suggests, “You Got To Hide Your Love Away” had the surgeons and interns of Sloan Grey Memorial struggling with a new policy: coworkers can’t date. This raised some obvious problems for the staff, as they are each other’s only dating pool.

Though tensions ran high as the surgeons tried to figure out who was the cause of the new policy, it was somewhat of a light-hearted episode. The residents and surgeons worked together to solve new patient mysteries, while emotions complicated relationships between old flames and reignited existing ones.

10 episodes remain this season, and it could go either way for the staff at Sloan Grey. Will this season end in tragedy or with a happy finale?

Check out our top 10 moments from "You Got to Hide Your Love Away."

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