Top 10 Moments of Isaac Lahey from 'Teen Wolf'

By Elizabeth Learned,

At the end of season three, MTV’s Teen Wolf left us reeling with shocking character deaths and action-packed sequences as the Beacon Hills teens attempted to save Stiles from the Nogitsune. Not only did characters Allison Argent and Aiden meet untimely demises, but also, when Isaac Lahey walked out of Chris Argent’s apartment with the bereaved father, no one suspected this would be the last time we’d see the teen werewolf.

It was announced in the news just days after Teen Wolf’s season finale that Daniel Sharman, who plays Isaac, was leaving the show. While Isaac is not being killed off, as Sharman wanted to leave the door open in case he decided to come back later on, fans around the world were shocked at the news. With yet another cast member leaving the show, it’s hard to imagine what Beacon Hills will be like next season.

But until then, we celebrate the moments Isaac Lahey brought to us on screen. From a troubled and abused kid to a funny and, while he would say otherwise, witty young man, Isaac captured the hearts of Teen Wolf fans everywhere. We’re counting down some of the top ten moments of Isaac Lahey. Which one is your favorite?

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