Top 10 moments from ‘Teen Wolf’ episode ‘The Fox and the Wolf'

By Amanda Hoo,

On last Monday's Teen Wolf episode, "The Fox and the Wolf," we finally learned the origins of the big bad nogitsune. Although not all questions were answered, we still got a little something. If you remember from last week’s episode where Stiles and Malia find a photo in the dead soldier's pocket, we find out the photo revealed a woman and a man from 1943, and the woman looked exactly like Kira.

Now when Kira confronts her parents about information regarding her powers and the picture, this is where all the answers start coming in. The Yukimuras know all! Through a series of flashbacks to 1943, we are taken into a Japanese internment camp in Oak Creek where we learn how and who the original nogitsune came to be. Can we just say creator Jeff Davis surely knows how to connect the dots?

This episode was a real information overload, not just with teen wolf information but historical details as well. To help you get prepared for tonight’s all-new episode we narrowed down the top 10 moments and questions from the episode "The Fox and the Wolf."

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