Top 10 Questions and Moments from 'Revenge' Episode 'Struggle'

By Amanda Hoo,

On Sunday night’s ABC drama Revenge, Emily’s blackouts are becoming increasingly violent as she can't seem to get a handle on connecting her mind to her actions. At the rate she’s going anyone can become one of her victims. We also catch up with Victoria and Patrick after the death of Jimmy and how they’re coping with it, which was ruled an accident, but we all know it was Patrick who killed him. In cahoots with her brother, Charlotte is on a mission to find out the real reason her father wanted to take up Voulez magazine. And finally we say goodbye to a key player in the game of Revenge. To help you prepare for this Sunday's all-new episode of Revenge we put together our top 10 moments and questions from this week’s episode ‘Struggle.'

“We spend our lives struggling to hold onto the things we value most. The people and things we believe we can never exist without. But our memories are often an illusion protecting a far more destructive truth."

10. We now have a new high-tech infinity box

Thanks to the genius mind of Nolan we now have a new and improved version of the ever so popular infinity box. The box now only opens to the touch of Emily, which should make taking it and trying to use it against Emily a little bit harder for others. So a big thank you to Nolan who has been watching the box for her but now it’s back in its rightful place in Emily’s beach house.

9. Aiden and Emily

With Aiden’s help Emily is able to reconnect to her mind. Although he was just drowning her until she snapped to it you can tell there is so much more than love between the two of them. It’s that they both understand what comes first before their love, the mission, and they’re okay with that. He is the only person who she can be herself with and Emily needs that in her life. Plus he was also there to save Emily when she had a half-baked plan to off Conrad. He is the only one who always knows how to save her and she is grateful for it.

8. Jack and Emily

We haven’t had a good Jack and Emily moment in a long time so it was well over due. When Jack asks Emily advice on Stevie, she tells him to go for it with her because at least he still has one parent left. They held hands and were sitting on the porch swing it was a beautiful moment. Hopefully their little moments continue and they can re-build their trust.

7. Who is Stevie Grayson?

We all want to know the real reason Stevie came back to the Hamptons. It may be to just reconnect with Jack but this lady seems like she has a little revenge to dole out herself. Also we haven’t heard much about her back story, all we know is it was Victoria Grayson who really made her lose everything. So it’s going to be exciting to see how Stevie is going to play this.

6. Since when is Daniel interested in what Emily is up to?

In the past Daniel has been totally clueless as to what Emily has been up to but this season Danny boy wants to play. The question is does he know how to play as well as Victoria? I mean he has the Grayson blood so it’s going to be interesting to watch Daniel hatch his plan to take down Emily. Tonight we find out he has hired a private investigator to tail Emily. What he finds out is that she’s been seeing Aiden – romantically. The question is what is Daniel going to do with this info since he is out to take Emily down for playing him. Hell hath no fury like a scorned Grayson.

5. Jack and Stevie’s mother-son relationship

After some talking to Emily he realized that it’s better to have a relationship with his mother so Jack invited Stevie to meet his son. But has Jack truly forgiven Stevie for abandoning him? And why has Stevie waited until now to reveal her true identity to Jack? She told him the Hamptons were full of triggers for her alcoholism but why has she decided to return now and tell Jack the truth? What kind of relationship does each of them want from each other?

4. Patrick has left the Hamptons

In this episode we say goodbye to the beautiful always-shirtless Patrick. He explains in his voicemail to Victoria that there is a kind of darkness inside of him here in the Hamptons especially. Patrick thinks he inherited this kind of evil from his father and it makes him do horrible things to protect Victoria (see: trying to kill Conrad and killing Jimmy). He knows that if he went away to Tucson to work he can finally do something for Victoria that she may be proud of. The Hamptons and Patrick don’t mix well.

3. A well-hatched plan that’s not Emily's

What seemed as great timing paired with opportunity was actually just Nolan and Victoria working together to get Patrick out of the Hamptons in order give him his best chances. Nolan and Victoria may not be the best of pals but they share their love for Patrick. They both see what being in the Hamptons have done to dear Patrick and they have put their difference aside to aide him in leaving. It was all set up by the two of them for Patrick to get the apprenticeship in Tucson so he would go far away.

2. “My father is to blame for everything”

With the help of Aiden and his drowning technique, Emily was able to reconnect with herself and the memories she’s been trying to block out. She flashes back to a memory of her fighting with her dad. Emily blames David for everything that has happened in her life. She remembers not liking Victoria when her father was seeing her and she is mad that he chose her instead of listening to Emily. If he had listened to Emily she thinks everything would’ve been different. The double infinity carving means that no matter what the two of them can fix any problem - it’s a reminder that no mistake can ever break them apart and he loves her.

1. Stevie’s connection to David Clark

In a kind of epiphany moment she remembers a passage in her father’s journal about an alcoholic lawyer who had come to visit David in jail. But days later, Stevie was disbarred for her drinking. But Emily’s dad wrote it down so of course it’s a lead worth checking out for Emily. So we need to ask what’s Stevie's connection to David Clark and is she a friend or foe to Emily? Emily plans on finding out everything she can about Stevie and why she really came back to the Hamptons but not just for her sake, for Jack's as well.

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