Top 10 Reality Stars on Instagram

By Francisco Flores,

Reality TV has given us some of the biggest stars in today’s entertainment industry. Some of these stars even surpass renowned actors and musicians in Instagram followers due to their excessive posts and lavish lifestyles. Since most of these people got famous because they were essentially living their lives on camera, their posts are true to the people we see on TV. Their posts are always very captivating, interesting and fun to pass some free time. Some shows have even incorporated Instagram into the dynamics of the show, such as E!’s The #RichKids of Beverly Hills. The show uses the cast members’ Instagram posts on the show to coincide with the events of each episode. Other shows, such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians and The Bad Girls Club also mention Instagram on many episodes. Here is a list of the top ten reality stars to follow on Instagram. Comment below with your favorite reality star on Instagram!



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