Top 10 reasons Rapunzel is the best Disney Princess

By Joy Perrone,

Disney’s Tangled ushers in a familiar story with a new twist, and a pretty lovable heroine. Fans everywhere clamored for Rapunzel merchandise, and it remains the 20th highest-grossing animated film. Rapunzel was crowned Disney’s 10th official princess at her coronation ceremony in 2012, two years after the movie release. What makes the movie so memorable is the unique and spunky princess Rapunzel, who stands out from the other ladies in the Princess lineup. Rapunzel was never obsessed with finding her “prince,” never really thinking about love until romance naturally blossomed between her and Flynn. She’s the princess in the tower, but she doesn’t really need rescuing – she just needs someone to give her a push. Rapunzel’s got attitude, charisma, and magical hair. What’s not to love? Growing up, every little girl has her favorite Disney princess, but there might be room in your heart for a new favorite.

We present our top 10 reasons why Rapunzel is the best Disney princess.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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