Top 10 reasons to read 'Game of Thrones'

By Joy Perrone,

When Game of Thrones returns for season four on April 6, fans will be watching to see what happens to the numerous characters. Who will die? Who will live? Who will take the iron throne?

While those who have only watched the television show will sit nervously on the edges of their seats, fans of the novels will be watching to see how the story translates to the screen. Book readers watching with friends who have never read the series will find it hard to point out different things they recognize from the books, but will also be an invaluable resource for when their friends don’t understand one plot point or another.

After watching the show, many people wonder why they should bother to read the books. After all, it’s already been covered, right? Wrong. Readers of the A Song of Ice and Fire series will tell you how crazy of a journey it is to go through the series with the characters page by page. Watching the show alone just doesn’t compare.

Not convinced? Check out our top 10 reasons for reading the Game of Thrones books.

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