Top 10 Slam Poems on YouTube

By Joy Perrone,

If you’ve never seen a slam poetry performance before, you’re about to experience a phenomenon like no other. You can think of a slam poem, also called spoken word poetry, like a rap battle, performed with the same amount of emphasis and enthusiasm, but with an extra dose of emotion.

While they are usually performed at slam poetry competitions, the invention of YouTube has made it possible to view poem after poem in the comfort of your own home.

Some poets choose to set their work to music, or use fancy editing software to enhance the video, but most of the poets are nothing but their raw, real selves – letting it all out on a stage in front of the whole world. Slam poetry is bravery, creativity, a little bit crazy and completely awesome to behold.

During a poetry slam, attendees will snap their fingers to show appreciation after the performance. Be prepared to snap away while viewing these standout poems.

The poets in these works are completely uncensored, so use caution when watching the videos in a place where spirited language or opinions aren’t encouraged.



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