Top Ten Unforgettable Moments of the Sochi Olympics

By Brady Kirkland,

When the world comes together for the Olympic Games, incredible memories are made. From the start of the opening ceremonies to the final firework at the end, the Games are always filled with magical moments.
In the past, we’ve been treated to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. We saw Kerri Strug bring Team USA to victory in 1996, despite landing on an injured leg. We saw Dan Jansen finally claim the gold in 1994, after the loss of his sister and a major fall in 1988. We’ve also made memories beyond the athletes. It’s hard to forget the spectacular show that Beijing put on for its opening ceremonies in 2008.
This year in Sochi, we were treated to a heap of new moments to cherish. Through the ups and downs of competition, and the mistakes in presentation, and the thousands of dogs wandering in the streets, the Sochi Olympics were a viral hit around the globe.
Here is our list for the Top Ten Unforgettable Moments of the Sochi Olympics.

image courtesy of NBC



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