'True Detective' finale causes HBO Go to crash

By Daniel S Levine,

True Detective has become such a cultural phenomenon that the show’s first season finale crashed HBO’s streaming service HBO Go. Service was eventually restored, but the incident just shows how popular the crime drama has become after only eight episodes.

TIME noted that several fans hoping to see the show Sunday night reported problems, with some using the “Time is a flat circle” quote to express their anger on Twitter. They also posted HBO Go’s loading screen.

Later, HBO sent out a tweet, letting everyone know that they were aware of the situation. “Due to overwhelmingly popular demand for #TrueDetective, we've been made aware of an issue affecting some users. Please try again soon,” the tweet read.

The service was later restored, though, so if you couldn’t get to a TV, you didn’t have to miss the show.

True Detective ran for only eight episodes, but the acclaimed performances from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, combined with Nic Pizzolatto’s twisted story, propelled the show to a phenomenon. It inspired parodies and fans to examine every detail of the show.

Despite the success of the first season, Pizzolatto is crafting an entirely new story for season two. McConaughey has said that he will not be back for a second season.

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