Turkey trying to block YouTube after leaked audio recording posted

By Kyle Johnson,

Following its highly unsuccessful attempt to block Twitter in Turkey, the government is moving to block YouTube, this time after a leaked audio recording regarding Syria was uploaded.

An official said that the social media video site was being blocked because of "national security reasons and because of the urgency of the situation, reports The Associated Press. Still, YouTube was found to be accessible to many after the initial announcement.

A recording was posted on YouTube that reportedly is audio of many top foreign, military and intelligence officials discussing Syria and a possible military intervention.

Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that leaking the audio was an "open declaration of war against the Turkish republic," while Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan called it "shameful" and "dishonorable."

The latest move to combat social media and leaks follows the banning of Twitter late last week. While the partial block of YouTube is a move allegedly being made in the interest of national security, the failed Twitter ban wasn't.

Erdogan is currently embroiled in a corruption probe, along with several key allies, and leaks of the investigation were continually getting posted on Twitter and could affect the upcoming municipal elections.

Despite the ban of Twitter, Turkish citizens were still able to easily find solutions and resume tweeting.



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