Twitter releases first-look photo of 'Gotham's' Oswald Cobblepot

By Amanda Levine,

Fans of the world of Batman and Gotham City are anticipating Fox’s upcoming new series titled Gotham, which is set to debut in the fall.

Excitement has recently taken hold of fans when it was announced who would be playing the villainous Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin, in the new series.

Gotham’s Twitter account caused even more excitement when it released a first-look photo of the character.

Cinema Blend commented that although actor Robin Lord Taylor, who will be playing Cobblepot, looks rather fitting for the role, it doesn’t reveal too much of his outfit, which some might be disappointed about. When Twitter released photos of other characters in the show, such as Selina Kyle (played by Camren Bicondova), a lot more of the character’s outfit and body dispositions were shown.

In Cobblepot’s photo, one can really only see his bow tie, even though, for this character, that might be rather fitting.

DC Comics describes the character of Oswald Cobblepot as not yet fully developed into the villain many know him as. He is working his way to his Penguin status, however the show will start him out as just being a psychopath with manners.



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