Ukraine set to withdraw troops from Crimea

By Kyle Johnson,

Kiev's security chief says that Ukraine has begun preparing to pull its troops from Crimea.

According to BBC News, troops stationed in Crimea will be moved "quickly and efficiently," Secretary of The National Security and Defense Council Ukraine Andriy Parubiy said.

The security chief said the plan will also include assisting their families back to Ukraine, reports NBC News. He added that Ukraine is asking that the U.N. consider Crimea a demilitarized zone.

The BBC notes that by making it a demilitarized zone, it would make it easier for Ukraine to evacuate citizens stuck in Crimea who do not wish to join Russia.

The comments come a day after pro-Russian troops stormed Ukraine's naval headquarters and another navy base in Crimea.

A senior military official talked with NBC and said that they are currently keeping a close eye on the Russian troops standing at the Crimea and Ukraine border. These troops could easily cross over and begin invading Ukraine, though there has been no indication they will.

U.S. officials believe that a possible motive for Russia to invade would be to take a little bit of Ukrainian territory in order to have land access to Crimea. Currently Russia can only reach Crimea through air or sea.



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