U.S. looking into $1 billion in economic aid to Ukraine, possible sanctions for Russia

By Kyle Johnson,

Congress is looking into possible sanctions aimed at Russia as well as prepping economic aid for Ukraine as the tension continues to grow over Russia's decision to send troops into Crimea.

Lawmakers want to provide $1 billion in aid to Ukraine, reports AFP. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said on Monday, "I'm terribly concerned about what's going on in Ukraine. I think Ukraine is in crisis and it needs some help."

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee looks to be ready to introduce legislation that would allow the U.S. to make good on that desire to provide at least $1 billion to Ukraine as Russia continues to ignore warnings from the West.

According to Reuters, the committee chairman, Sen. Robert Menendez, said "Russia's military intervention in Ukraine constitutes a clear violation of international law and demands a swift and coordinated response from the international community."

Possible sanctions that are currently being suggested in Congress include individual visa bans, freezing assets, halting military cooperation between the two countries and likely economic sanctions.

Congress plans to hear from Deputy Secretary of State William Burns later this week on the situation before making any decision about sanctions.



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