Utah polygamist family "liberated" by "coming out of the closet" are feminists

By Joy Perrone,

TLC welcomes a second polygamist family to its lineup with the new show My Five Wives , and the family says that the television exposure has been "liberating".

Many are already familiar with polygamy thanks to TLC's show Sister Wives , but there's a new polygamist family in town. Brady Williams and his five wives, all from Utah, will be featured on the new series My Five Wives , outdoing Kody Brown and his sister wives by one extra wife.

The family recently spoke to The Associated Press about opening up to the world. "It really is like coming out of the closet. It's very liberating," said Brady Williams, age 43.

Williams, his wives, and their 24 collected children, live in a small Mormon community on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah. Fans of Sister Wives will remember that the Brown family brought a lawsuit against Utah, changing the polygamist laws in Utah and bringing acceptance to the polygamist community. Williams and his family were once part of the Apostolic United Brethren, which encouraged polygamy, but left for personal reasons.

Williams and his clan also spoke to The Atlantic about their lifestyle. Brady refuses to accept the title of “head of the household" and his wives consider themselves to be feminists.

The Williams family say they encourage their children to think outside gender norms, accept homosexuals, and would be okay with their daughters having multiple husbands. Brady gave his open-minded opinion by saying, “Whatever form marriage and family comes in, as long as it’s about love and commitment, that’s okay." Viewers will be watching to see if these sentiments are expressed on the TLC reality show.

My Five Wives will have a nine episode run and premiers tonight on TLC.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons



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