Utah polygamous family says being on TV is like “coming out of the closet”, “liberating”

By Erica Albanese,

The star of My Five Wives, Brady Williams, is speaking out on appearing on television and revealing to the public that he is part of a polygamous family.

Williams will star alongside his five wives and their 24 children for the new TLC reality series that is set to premiere on Sunday night. The family was hesitant at first to come out to the public, but now reveals that there is almost a sense of relief to have people know the truth.

“It really is like coming out of the closet. It’s very liberating,” Williams said, according to Radar Online. “You don’t worry if somebody thinks you’re a polygamous anymore because everyone knows.”

The family lives in a small community outside of Salt Lake City that is controlled by the Apostolic United Brethren, a branch of the Mormon church, reports The Associated Press. They were once a part of it, but left due to a change in their beliefs. They are now sharing their life as a polygamous family with the world.

The family points out that viewers of the new series will come to see that they are not too different from normal families. They make agendas, engage in family meetings, and even have dinner together.

“There haven't been any overt acts of disapproval,” Williams said. “We just want to be able to feel comfortable in our own skin.”

Image:Wikimedia Commons



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