'The Voice': Night three of blind auditions

By Chelsea Lewis ,
The night included four chair turns and the coaches building their teams.

The Voice continued tonight with more blind auditions. All of the coaches are looking to fill spots on their teams before heading into the battle round. Shakira, Usher, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine all took their seats for another round of auditions.

First up to audition for the coaches was Ryan Whyte Maloney who sang “Lights.” Shelton and Levine both hit their buttons for Maloney during the opening notes and was closely followed behind Shakira. With only a few moments to spare Usher turned around making this a four-chair performance for Maloney. After much deliberation Maloney decided to join Team Blake.

Following Maloney was Deshawn Washington who sang, “Twisting The Night Away.” Shakira turned her chair around first. Since Shakira was the only coach to turn her chair around for Washington, he ended up becoming a member of her team.

Next up to the Voice stage was Sam Behymer, who is originally from Texas. Behymer covered “Royals” by Lorde. Levine was the first coach to turn around for the pop indie singer. Usher was close behind Levine with his button. Levine added that even though the performance had issues he wanted Behymer to be on his team. Usher said that she was a very unique artist. In the end, she decided to join team Adam.

Following Behymer was Brendan Ryan who sang “Love On Top.” Even though none of the coaches turned around Ryan provide an incredible performance.

Brothers Walker took the stage next; a set of identical twins formed a group and took the blind audition stage. The brothers took on a Zac Brown hit, “Keep Me In Mind.” With only a few moments left in the performance, Usher hit his button with his foot because Usher was the only coach turn around The Brothers Walker became another member of Team Usher.

The blind auditions continued with Clarissa Serna from Texas. Serna performed “Zombie,” which is an upbeat rock single. Levine was the first coach to turn his chair around and was closely followed by Shakira. Shelton also hit his button following an impressive vocal range from Serna and with only seconds left Usher turned around as well, making it the second four chair performance of the evening. After all four coaches fighting for her, Serna chose to join Team Shakira.

Shakira, Usher and Levine all added vocalists to their team during a quick round of blind auditions.

Robert Lee took the Voice stage next. Lee performed, “The Weight.” Even with a passionate performance, none of the four coaches turned around for Lee.

Following Lee was Melissa Jimenez, who chose to take on Alica Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You Baby.” At the last possible moment, both Usher and Shakira turned around for Jimenez. Shakira and Usher ended up fighting over Jimenez. In the end, she decided to join Team Usher.

35 year old, Patrick Thomson was the next vocalist to take the Voice stage. Thomson sang, “Can’t You See.” Shelton was the first vocalist to turn his chair around closely followed behind Levine. After an intense battle of words, Thomson joined Team Levine.

Allison Bray, a high school student, took to the Voice stage next. “Where The Boys Are,” was the song that Bray decided to perform for her blind audition. Even with an incredible vocal range, Bray did not get any coaches to turn around.

Closing the show was Sisaundra Lewis, who was the former vocal director for Céline Dion. Lewis performed, “Ain’t No Way.” Shakira was the first coach to turn her button around for Lewis, closely followed by Levine and Shelton. With only seconds left Usher was the last coach to turn around making her performance the last four chair of the night. All four judges wanted Lewis on their team but in the end she joined Team Blake.

The blind auditions continue tomorrow night on NBC.

image courtesy of NBC



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