'The Voice' Recap: Battle rounds kick off

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Voice is moving on to the next round of the competition with the battle rounds. For any fans that are new to the show, here is the rundown of how the battle rounds work. Members from each team sing the same song and compete for a spot to stay on their coach’s team. In case a vocalist does not advance to the next round, the other coaches have the chance to steal that vocalist.

These rounds also feature celebrity mentors that help to guide the vocalists. For Team Blake, he asked country superstars The Band Perry to mentor his team, Team Adam asked Aloe Blacc to help his team, Shakira asked Shelton’s wife Miranda Lambert to help out her team in a Voice twist and Jill Scott is ready to help out Team Usher.

The battle rounds kicked off with Team Usher. Biff Gore and T. J. Wilkins went head to head singing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg,” by the Temptations. Shakira started off the coaches’ comments by saying that the performance was amazing and Levine added his thoughts by thanking both Gore and Wilkins for a great performance. In the end, only one vocalist could remain on Team Usher and that vocalist was T. J. Wilkins. At the last possible moment, Shelton hit his button to have Gore become a member of his team.

For the first battle of Team Blake, Worthington was going up against Lexi Luca in the battle rounds, performing “It Goes Like This” by Thomas Rhett, which is a new song on the country charts. Jake Worthington returned to the blind auditions for a second time and joined Team Blake during the audition stages; Luca only got one chair to turn around during the blinds. Usher started off the comments by saying that he could tell that Luca was nervous at first and that Worthington blew him away. Levine added that both vocalists had big voices and that Worthington won the battle. After much deliberation, the vocalist that would remain on Team Usher was Worthington.

Next up to the battle stage was Team Shakira who paired Dani Moz up against Deshawn Washington. The vocalists faced off by singing “My Kinda Love,” which was originally performed by Emeli Sande. Starting off the coaches’ comments was Levine who said that the battle was awesome and that the duo had natural chemistry. Shelton added that Washington surprised and impressed him this round. Usher added that Moz really understood the emotion behind this record and that Washington really held his own in this battle. It was up to Shakira to pick the vocalist that would advance and that was Moz.

Team Adam took over the Voice stage next. Levine paired up Kat Perkins against Patrick Thomson and the duo faced off by singing “Whenever I Call You ‘Friend’” by Kenny Loggins. Shelton added that it was an interesting pairing and that it works, but in the end, Perkins won the battle. Usher added that he wasn’t familiar with the record so he really had to focus on the performance; he agreed that both artists did well. Shakira added that the dynamic between the vocalists was really impressive. After much deliberation, Levine decided to keep Perkins on his team.

At the last possible moment, Shakira decided to steal Thomson.

Up next to the Voice battle stage was Paula Deanda going up against Sisaundra Lewis from Team Blake. The girls faced off by singing Lady Gaga’s “Do What U Want,” which was performed on the last season finale of the Voice by Gaga and coach Christina Aguilera. Usher added that if he had to pick a winner of the battle it would be Lewis. Shakira expressed her thoughts, saying that Lewis also won the battle. In the end, Shelton decided to keep Lewis on his team.

Jake Barker versus Stevie Jo was the final battle of the night, representing Team Usher. The vocalists went head to head performing “Higher Love” by Steve Winwood. Shakira added that the whole battle was very well executed and that she would pick Barker to win the battle. Levine added that whoever didn’t advance was going to be on his team. In the end, Usher decided to advance Stevie Jo.

The moment that Barker was available to steal, both Levine and Shakira hit their buttons to steal Barker. Shelton was the last coach to join into the battle over Barker. After all three coaches pitched Barker, he decided to become a member of Team Adam.

The battle rounds continue tomorrow night on NBC.

image: NBC



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