'The Voice' Recap: Blind auditions continue

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Tonight starts the final week of blind auditions

The Voice is back and a whole new group of vocalists takes the blind audition stage with the hopes of joining Team Blake, Adam, Usher, and Shakira. This is the kick-off of the final week of blind auditions.

The first vocalist up to the stage is Kat Perkins. Perkins used to be in a band that even had the chance to open up for Bon Jovi, but following some unplanned life events, she decided to start working as a nanny, who often sings with the children, who are also huge fans of The Voice. Perkins sings “Gold Dust Woman” and Levine and Shakira hit their buttons within moments of each other. Usher closely followed them. In the end, after much deliberation, Perkins decides to become the next member of Team Adam.

Following Perkins is Gabi Ramirez. Ramirez is a former soccer player who discovered his love of singing and gave up his dream of pursing soccer. He performs “The A Team,” originally by Ed Sheeran. Even with a passionate performance, none of the coaches turn around.

Up next is Paula Deana, who had a record deal with Clive Davis when she was 16 but was dropped from the label. Deana sings “The Way.” Shelton and Shakira both hit their buttons at the same time for Deana. Levine adds that the audition has some highs and lows, which is why he doesn’t turn around. Shakira adds that under her coaching, Deana would improve. Shelton says that she has the ability to try anything and he also sees improvement and victory in her future. In the end, she decides to join Team Blake.

Next up to the blind audition stage is Jake Barker. Barker has never performed in front of this many people and decides to sing “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. Usher is the first coach to turn around for Barker. Levine and Shakira also turn around in the last few moments of the performance. After much discussion among the coaches, Barker decides to join Team Usher.

Shelton and Levine also add artists during a quick round of blind auditions.

Next up is Luke Cooper. Cooper is a young father and nurse, but has always had a passion for music. Cooper takes on Imagine Dragon’s hit “Radioactive.” Even with a passionate and incredible performance, Cooper is not able to get a coach to turn around.

Following Cooper is Ria Eaton. Eaton decides to sing “Cups,” which was featured in the motion picture Pitch Perfect. At the last possible moment, both Shakira and Shelton turned around for Eaton. During the coaches’ pitches as to why Eaton should join their teams, Levine and Usher provided some sideline commentary. In the end, Eaton joins Team Blake.

With spots filling up on the teams, Cierra Micknes takes to the blind audition stage next. For her blind audition she sings “Crazy,” which was originally recorded by Cee Lo Green as part of Gnarls Barkley's group. Shakira is the first coach to turn around and is closely followed by Shelton. Usher is the last coach to turn around at the very last possible moment. Following her audition, Micknes gets a hug from Shakira and she joins her on stage for some girl talk. The coaches battle for her, but in the end she decides to join Team Shakira.

Following Micknes is Tyler Montgomery from Missouri. Montgomery sings “I Wish.” Even though none of the coaches turn around during his audition, they are all shocked when they turn around and realize that Montgomery is a guy.

The next vocalist to audition is a duo: Alaska & Madi. The duo decides that if they do not get a coach to turn around, the duo would split up and go their separate ways. The girls sing “Barton Hollow.” Levine is the first coach to turn around for the duo and is closely followed by Shelton. In the end the duo decides to join Team Blake.

Going into the next blind audition, Usher and Shelton only have one spot left on their teams. Ddendyl is the next vocalist to audition for the show. Ddendyl sings “Stand By Me.” Shakira is the first coach to turn around for her and is the only coach to turn around, so Ddendyl joins Team Shakira.

The final audition of the night goes to Josh Kaufman, who is a father of three. Kaufman decides to sing “One More Chance” by George Michael. Levine turns around first and is closely followed by Shelton. Shakira and Usher also turn around, making this a four-chair performance. After much deliberation and discussion, Josh decides to join Team Adam.

The blind auditions will conclude tomorrow night on NBC.

image: NBC



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