Walmart creates new online tool for customers to save more money

By Rebecca Walezak,

Walmart has started a new online service to further serve their customers. The Savings Catcher has been made available in select states for Walmart shoppers to use to get a better deal.

According to CNN, a customer can type their receipt number into the server and if a better deal is found, Walmart will send the shopper an e-gift card with the difference on it.

The Associated Press reports that the tool will compare prices for over 80,000 products sold at Walmart to those of their competitors in the same geographic location. Online retailers will not be included.

Chief merchandising and marketing officer Duncan MacNaughton said that they are taking this step because shoppers want to use technology to find them money to save.

"They're doing the work for me," Anne Jurchak, a person who was part of the Savings Catcher's original focus group, said. "The only thing they're not doing is putting the groceries away."

Walmart has matched prices for customers for years, but having an online tool will further help them cut prices. Customers can use the e-gift card online or in store.



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