Washington man gets 16 years in prison for putting infant daughter in the freezer

By Victoria Greene,

A Washington man who beat his 6-week-old daughter and put her in a freezer has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

According to The Associated Press, Tyler Deutsch, 25, pled guilty to beating his infant daughter and putting her in a freezer to stop her crying. The girl was reportedly in the freezer for an hour and a half, wearing only a diaper. He body temperature plummeted to 85 degrees.

After his horrific act, Deutsch went to his bedroom and fell asleep.

The child’s mother saw Deutsch remove the infant when she returned home from work and called authorities, though not before Deutsch tried to take the phone form her because he ‘didn’t want to get in trouble’ for his action.

The infant suffered a head injury and broken leg and arm, but she has since recovered.

According to The News Tribune, Deutsch told detectives numerous stories about how his daughter ended up in the freezer before he finally came clean and admitted he was responsible for her placement in the ice box.

Prosecutors originally asked that Deutsch be put away from 20 years, but the judge ultimately decided on 16 years.



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