West Virginia teacher suspended for posting anti-gay rant on Facebook

By Michelle Kapusta,

A teacher at a high school in West Virginia posted an anti-gay rant on Facebook and was suspended as a result.

According to the New York Daily News, David Foggin, a Parkersburg South High School teacher, came under fire after making fun of the school’s Gay-Straight Alliance student club online.

Next to a picture of a flier for the event the science teacher wrote, “Club meeting at PSHS!! Rally around them and show ur [sic] support.”

"We are also considering a drunks-t totaller [sic] club, drugged/sober club, smokeless tobacco vs smokes club, street racing, and deer poaching clubs,” he added.

The school was not amused by the posts and suspended the teacher until March 31, when classes resume after Spring Break.

The News and Sentinel noted that the day after his suspension, Foggin refused to comment on his earlier posts, but took to the social media site again and wrote about protecting the first and second amendments.

"Love you all. Get a concealed carry permit while u still can. Protect urself [sic] and ur [sic] family. Thank God for every breath he give u!! [sic]"



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